Dental Implant Bridges Near You

Alongside dentures and traditional dental implants, dental implant bridges are another great option to keep in mind if you’re looking to restore a smile that’s missing teeth.

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What is a Dental Bridge?

A dental bridge is a specially made device that’s designed to fill in gaps in your smile. Though there are a few types of bridges available to you, the basic design is the same: a prosthetic fills in the necessary space and two abutments keep them in place by attaching to your neighboring teeth.

You can acquire a fixed or removable dental bridge.

What separates this treatment from others is that it is a great solution if you’re missing multiple teeth, particularly multiple teeth in a row as opposed to a single tooth.

What are dental implant bridges?

Dental implant bridges are a unique type of bridge. They are a very popular option because implants are a permanent solution – you won’t have to worry about replacing them further down the road due to wear and tear.

This device is practically identical to a traditional bridge but, as the name indicates, implants are incorporated to provide your smile with further stability. You’ll still need to undergo surgery for the implant screw to be properly installed.

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Benefits of Implant Bridges

Here are the main benefits that come with acquiring dental implant bridges from a dentist in New Port Richey:

  1. Your prosthetic will look and feel like a part of your everyday smile.
  2. It’ll last you a long time.
  3. It helps preserve the strength of your jawbone and promotes bone growth.
  4. You can eat regularly. Implant bridges can also withstand the internal forces of biting and chewing.
  5. You can talk and laugh normally, and without feeling self-conscious.
  6. You can also brush and floss as you normally would.

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