Dental X-Rays Near You

Also known as radiographs, dental x-rays are taken so that your dental hygienist and your dentist can understand your oral health in better detail. These images are high-definition and provide a glimpse into the systems that reside underneath your teeth, gums, and tongue.

Receiving dental x-rays, especially during a routine cleaning is a very common occurrence. If you’re wanting to learn more about dental x-rays near you, get in touch with our local dental clinic.

Dental X-Rays in New Port Richey

Reason X-Rays are Taken

On average, dental x-rays are done at least once a year. But, depending on your age, your current health status, and what your dentist recommends, they may have you come in more frequently to stay on top of things.

Children, compared to adults, typically have more x-rays taken because their teeth as well as the rest of their bodies are constantly growing and changing. Pediatric dentists will take x-rays so they can identify when baby teeth may need to be pulled or when orthodontic treatment is necessary.

Are There Risks Involved with Dental X-Rays?

Since radiation is involved with any type of x-ray, some of us may be hesitant or worried that such a process is unsafe. But these types of x-rays give off such a low level of radiation that it is safe for both children, teenagers, and adults alike. Regarding digital x-rays, they emit even less radiation than traditional machines.

For extra precautions, a heavy piece of fabric called a “bib” is used to cover up your neck, cheek, and pelvis. This stops the radiation from affecting your vital organs.

Pregnant women are the only type of patients who should not receive dental x-rays in New Port Richey, since radiation can impact the development of the baby.

Types of Dental X-Rays

There’s no need to prepare to receive an x-ray – you simply show up and it’s done!

Several different kinds of x-rays can be taken at the dental clinic; again, it all depends on what your dentist deems necessary. They include:

  • Bitewing – This involves biting down on a small piece of paper. It allows your dentist to study your bite pattern and see if your dental crowns and other prosthetics are lining up.
  • Occlusal – These x-rays are taken to assess how your top and bottom row of teeth match up. Your jaw remains closed during this process. Your entire smile can also be captured in a single image using this technology.
  • Panoramic – A panoramic x-ray machine rotates around you, letting your dentist check out your wisdom teeth and jaw.
  • Periapical – These x-rays are primarily designed to assess the health of your teeth down to the roots.

Once all these images are generated, your dental team can use them to identify any issues that require subsequent treatment.

At Radiant Dentistry, we offer dental x-rays near you. Whether you’re new to our clinic or a returning patient, our staff is here to ensure that you’re looked after. We’ll guide you through each treatment, so you don’t encounter any surprises. Contact us today via phone, our website, or stop by in person.