Dental Sealants Near You

If you’re looking for a great way to prevent cavities to boost your dental health or the dental health of your children, you may want to consider obtaining dental sealants in New Port Richey.

Even though this is a common treatment for youngsters, anyone can receive dental sealants. To acquire more information about this process, stop by our local dental practice when you can.

Dental Sealants in New Port Richey

What Are Dental Sealants?

We all do our best to keep our teeth healthy, but sometimes brushing and flossing those pesky little cracks and grooves can prove difficult. And, as a result, cavities can form and cause damage to our smiles.

One way to prevent cavity formation is by receiving dental sealants near you. Great! But what are dental sealants, exactly? A sealant is a very thin plastic coating that’s applied to the top surfaces of your teeth that you use to chew. Bacteria and other debris won’t be able to gather in the grooves present there, which will help keep your smile in good condition.

Usually, dental sealants are recommended for children. Their back molars start to develop around 6 years of age. Besides the fact that our back teeth are already the hardest to care for, but kids aren’t necessarily the best brushers, not to mention they love their sweet treats! As a parent, this treatment will give you peace of mind knowing that your child’s dental health is looked after.

With all that said, this solution is a good idea for anyone who wants or needs to boost their oral hygiene. Talk to your dentist today to learn more.

How Sealants Are Applied

The process of having sealants applied to your teeth is extremely simple. First, your mouth is thoroughly cleaned so that any lingering bacteria and plaque don’t interfere with the success of the treatment. A special gel is employed to roughen the chewing surface of your teeth; this is important because it allows the sealants to stick. Then they’re applied. A blue light will solidify them onto your smile.

And there you have it! Together with daily brushing and flossing, and coming in for biannual cleanings and checkups, your sealants will serve you well.

Furthermore, the process is completely painless. If you do have any questions, concerns, or require additional care to remain comfortable, be sure to make your dental team aware, so they can help you.

If you’re eager to obtain dental sealants in New Port Richey, we’re here to help you get started! Our staff at Radiant Dentistry will be happy to walk you through each stage of your appointment from beginning to end. Reach out to us today!