Signs You Need a Dental Filling: When to Call Your Dentist

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Too much sugar in foods or poor dental hygiene are just a couple of the factors that might lead to tooth decay. Unfortunately, if this decay is not stopped or treated, a filling will eventually be required in the cavity it creates in the tooth.

Cavities are best discovered during a routine dental examination by your dentist in New Port Richey. Because once you start to notice other symptoms on your own, it usually signifies that it has gotten bad enough to require filling. If the injury to your tooth is painful enough, a root canal procedure can be necessary for some instances.

What’s a Dental Filling?

By restoring cavities and other dental issues, dental fillings prevent our mouths from developing serious diseases. They essentially “fill” holes created by deterioration in our teeth, preserving the health and functionality of those teeth.

The majority of fillings used nowadays are often made of biocompatible materials such as gold porcelain, composite materials (resin, glass), porcelain ceramic, and even silver amalgam. Dental fillings can now be “tooth coloured,” which means they blend in with your tooth’s color and are therefore less obvious.

1. Toothache

The most frequent indication that you might require a tooth filling near you is a toothache. But other signs that you need a filling include sensitivity to particular temperatures, stress, or very sweet meals. Finally, you might also require a tooth filling if you undergo sharp or stabbing pain while biting or eating.

2. Sensitivity

You may become sensitive to both hot and cold temperatures as the enamel on your teeth deteriorates. Although it’s not a guarantee, this could be a symptom that you have dental decay or cavities. Make a dentist visit if using toothpaste designed for sensitive teeth doesn’t work.

3. Visible signs

You should visit the dentist as soon as you notice any damage to your teeth. Food being trapped in strange locations on the tooth or dental floss breaking when brushing your teeth are examples of this. If the damage is not addressed, depending on the severity, the tooth may need to be removed.

4. Cavities

If you haven’t been to the dentist in a while and you detect a dark spot on a tooth, a cavity may be developing. It might also have a rough texture. Time is important because fluoride treatments occasionally work to stop cavities in their earliest stages.

5. Broken or chipped teeth

The most common reason for dental fillings is cavities, but white composite fillings can also be used to heal damaged teeth. In both situations, these dental fillings stop additional tooth decay and wear in its tracks or at least delay it.

6. Tooth Wear

Our teeth deteriorate as we get older. The flat biting edges discolor with use and give teeth an unappealing appearance. Tooth grinding, or bruxism, can also lead to tooth wear and destruction. This can occasionally result in chipping and additional tooth injuries.

Again, using a tooth-coloured bonding as a filling allows for tooth repair and surface restoration. These dental fillings also improve the way you bite and chew. Using a night guard at night after the fillings are in helps stop further damage.

Do You Require a Tooth Filling?

Dentists use tooth fillings to treat cavities and prevent them from developing into larger dental issues in the future. Fillings can fix cracks and fractures in teeth in addition to filling small holes left by tooth disease.

Tooth decay, if left untreated, can lead to significant issues. With the help of a dental clinic near you, you never require root canal therapy or even tooth extraction. Overall, tooth fillings are beneficial and can keep you smiling for a very long time.

Get Dental Filling Today

Call Radiant Dentistry right away if you need your regular smile checkup or if you’re noticing any of the aforementioned signs that can result in the need for restorative dentistry. In order to keep you smiling, our knowledgeable and friendly staff will be pleased to respond to all of your inquiries and schedule an appointment.

We anticipate your visit very much!